Thinking Different™

‘Thinking Different™’ is a school curriculum program for grades 4-9, which uses the game of chess to teach the art of setting and achieving goals in a fun and unique, yet structured and thorough way. In the program participants set and pursue actual non-chess related personal life goals, using the game of chess as an educational tool for achieving this purpose. Children learn how to play chess, and improve their game while building character and learning important life skills.

The program was approved by The Toronto District School Board, The Israeli Ministry of Education and The York Region School Board, and is delivered with tremendous success in dozens of Canadian schools through Chess Institute of Canada. The program continues to be embraced by principals, teachers, parents and students.

“Students learn to develop higher-level thinking skills including problem solving, reasoning, connecting and reflecting. Among many other things, they also learn to develop goals and to take calculated risks. Some comments from the teachers include well–organized, fantastic, challenging, thought-provoking, entertaining, humorous, hands-on, engaging, amazing and the kids have to learn to listen to be successful. The best testimonials, however, come from the students themselves: exciting, super, we learn to set goals, we get to use our imaginations, we all participate, we learn to be fair, fantastic, fun, funny, I learn every day, I’ve learned to plan before I move, I like the stories, awesome, cool and epic…”

--Ken Kroeker, Acting Principal--
Pauline Junior Public School
Toronto, Canada

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