How does it work?

Thinking Different™ is taught as a weekly lesson by the homeroom teacher during regular school hours, and is accompanied by unique workbooks, engaging challenge sheets, and other exclusive program related equipment and materials. In the program children choose and set their own personal life goals, and work on achieving them with the guidance and assistance of the teacher, all the while improving their chess skills.

Even very basic knowledge of chess by the teacher is sufficient for successful delivery of the program, as training and on-going support is provided by Chess World. The program has a proven record of impacting the lives of students, including contributing to the personal growth of children in geographical areas of lesser opportunities, as well as youth at risk.

“…I see development of cognitive abilities, development of strategic abilities, cooperation with one another. They are learning life skills!”

--Yariv Gal, Principal --
Tali Pisgat Zeev School
Jerusalem, Israel

Bring Thinking Different™ to Your School


To bring the program to your school in Canada, or for more details, contact Chess Institute of Canada at, or at +1-647-852-2428.


For programs in schools in other parts of the world, please contact us at, or at

“The kids love it, they love the lesson. They learn chess through diverse thinking. This is what makes the classes so special.”

--Limor Samuelov, Vice Principal--
The Hebrew Reali School
Haifa, Israel

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