“Shoot for the moon.

Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

~ Norman Vincent Peale
"Shoot for the moon.

Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

~ Norman Vincent Peale
“Shoot for the moon.

Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

~ Norman Vincent Peale

Schools are Thinking Different™

‘Thinking Different™’ is a school in-curriculum program for grades 4-9, delivered to the whole class by the homeroom teacher during regular school hours. The program uses the game of chess as an educational tool for teaching the art of setting and achieving goals. Find out more in the following sections:

Making a difference in schools,
as featured on Canada’s CBC National Radio:

“We were drawn to the program because of its name, “Thinking Different”. The kids embraced the
program, are learning the game, and enjoying it! It’s a different dialogue.”

-- Dorit Elyashar, Principal --
Tomer Rachel School
Maale Adummim, Israel

Clubs and Camps

The Chess World curriculum provides a solid foundation in chess for all levels, from beginners to competitive players, but still uses the game as a vehicle through which to teach and instill important life skills.We believe that the confidence children gain when involved in the program is the real reason they excel at the game, as well as in other areas of their young lives.

Chess clubs are held during lunch time/after school. In a typical club session, children are divided into groups based on age and skill level. Each group receives active instruction through a variety of activities, which build from lesson to lesson in a structured, engaging, and entertaining way. During the play component, instructors provide assistance, ideas, correction and support, as children play with peers. The learning is accompanied by appealing and dynamic Chess World curriculum materials, which provide an added value to every child’s experience.


Our camps run during school holidays, providing participants with a wonderful opportunity to continue with chess even when school is not in session. They offer a perfect blend of enrichment activities.

Camps are often the highlight of the year for children, offering a unique experience that incorporates intensive chess lessons, engaging sports activities, and unique arts projects, along with top level programming, events and guests.

“[Parker] has been to many summer camps but I think it is fair to say that this is his favourite one yet. It seems to be a perfect blend of mental, physical and creative activity and he comes home every day so excited and anxious to tell us about his activities that day and his chess matches. Thank you again for putting together such a great camp.”

--Brad and Harue Macdonald--
Toronto Parents

Corporate Workshops

Our Thinking Different™ workshops for companies will offer your employees a one-of-a-kind experience, providing them with a novel approach to setting and achieving personal goals. Regardless of the size of your group, we will engage participants in the most creative ways. Innovative presentations, hands on activities and group discussions blend together to make your workshop an inspiring and motivating event.

Through combining interactive learning with hands-on challenges, the team will gain valuable insights into their thinking and decision-making styles, and learn how to appreciate and embrace different styles and approaches within the same group. After gathering information about your team we will send you a detailed outline of the program layout we recommend, and we will work with you to plan the details. By offering your employees a change of atmosphere in a goal setting context, we will create an inspiring experience that results in a powerful organizational change. Contact us today to learn more about our workshops.

“Education is not rooted in the passing along of knowledge, but rather in the ability to supply a learner with the necessary tools with which to develop, grow and achieve the highest of his or her potential. True learning only occurs as an integral part of the learner’s life, through creative, engaging activities which ignite the inner spark of curiosity.”
-- Tal Granite --
Chess World Founder
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